ACI America is affiliated to “ACI – The Financial Markets Association.  This Paris-based body, founded in 1955 as the Association Cambiste Internationale, has more than 16,000 international members worldwide in more than 60 countries. It is the  largest international association of its kind in the world. With more than a half century of service to the Foreign Exchange markets, it remains the single source of representation to the Financial market professional.  ACI International has a Management board, and Executive Council,. This counsel is  comprised of a President, and 3-5 board members. ACI  also supports 3 Standing Committees. The Board of Education, The Committee for Professionalism, and The ACI Foreign Exchange Committee. Each committee is governed by a Chair and  from 3-10 committee members.

ACI The financial Markets Association has evolved over the decades to become the premier organization supporting a global foundation of market education, a Global code of Conduct, (ACI Model Code), and market practices.

ACI America

ACI America is governed by its President and an Executive Board.  The Executive board will be comprised of a Treasurer, Secretary, managing Director, and several executive committee members. It has created several committee’s to represent the interests and services it will actively pursue and deliver routinely. The committees will be as follows :

  • Market Practices/Regulation Committee
  • Education Committee
  • Membership Committee
  • Events/Sponsorship Committee.

The Executive Board and Committees are comprised of experienced FX market experts, who have been invited or volunteered their time to our cause.  Each person pledges their time and effort to insuring this charter is focused on expert advice and service to its membership.

ACI America will align its services to the  standing committees within the ACI International group.  Our Charter will have representation on these committees to provide perspective and guidance on issues within its North American borders.  Our organization  will support the “ Model Code” which has become a significant document.  The Model Code is  recognized internationally as the best  single source of global guidance for Code of conduct and rules of engagement anywhere in the world. Furthermore,  the executive board will endeavor to provide pertinent information, insight, and guidance on all issues that challenge the marketplace. With technology and regulation providing continuous challenges to strategic direction of market participants, ACI America will endeavor to deliver communications that promote guidance, recommendations , and oversight.

The Executive Board will champion events that support community and deliver pertinent news, information, and trends in the industry. We will invite industry leaders and experts who can raise awareness and provide opinions and guidance to our membership.  Lastly, we will be Charitable. We will  guarantee our success is shared by organizations  representing worthy causes, as well as the special needs of others seeking our assistance.