ACI suite of Examinations

Central to our Education Program is our suite of foundation and advanced level professional examinations.

The ACI Dealing Certificate is a foundation program for new entrants to the dealing room. It covers basic interest rate calculations, cash money markets, foreign exchange, forward-forwards, FRAs, money market futures and swaps, options, asset and liability management, the principles of risk and the ACI Model Code.

The ACI Operations Certificate is an education program for treasury operations staff and provides a front-to-end treasury view. It covers overall financial market topics: deal capture, trade entry and confirmations, settlement, netting and clearing, reconciliations and investigations, treasury systems and data management, risk management, controls, compliance, and documentation, FX best practices operations of the ACI Model Code as well as product knowledge in foreign exchange, money markets, short term bonds and notes, and derivatives.

The ACI Model Code Certificate is open to all candidates and covers the various sections of the ACI Model Code. The ACI Model Code is a universal code of conduct, with comprehensive guidelines and best practices which span the whole system, from the detailed processes of the back office through to the up-to-date functions of the electronic platforms utilised by the front office.

The ACI Dealing Certificate fully incorporates the ACI Model Code within its syllabus, the ACI Operations Certificate syllabus only incorporates specific sections. As such, given its importance, the ACI Model Code Certificate is a prerequisite for any ACI Operations Certificate holder who also wishes to pass the ACI Diploma.

Additionally, any senior market practitioners with over ten years financial market experience who do not currently hold either the ACI Dealing Certificate or ACI Operations Certificate may also sit the ACI Diploma if they pass the ACI Model Code Certificate. Such candidates need to also submit a detailed CV to evidence their experience. The ACI Board of Education decides on the eligibility and may request further documentation in order to support its decision.

Candidates must pass one of the foundation examinations in order to sit for the highest ACI qualification – the ACI Diploma.

The ACI Diploma builds on the ACI Dealing Certificate, ACI Operations Certificate and ACI Model Code Certificate and ensures that an individual has a strong practical knowledge of the foreign exchange and money markets, of the linkages that exist between the markets and of the concepts used in managing the risks in these markets. It covers foreign exchange, money markets, fixed income, derivatives, market analysis and risk management.

ACI Diploma Structure